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The campaign against hunting in national parks has had great impact on decision makers in NSW Government.

On 4 July 2013, the NSW Government announced that a trial recreational hunting program would commence October 2013 in 12 national parks. This would not involve anyone under the age of 18 years, would only involve anyone who are professionally skilled, and the management and planning is back in the hands of the experts (the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service staff).

We are now calling on the NSW Government for an end to recreational hunting on all public land and an adoption of the approach recently approved for National Parks.

Also on 4 July 2013, the Coalition Government announced it had disbanded the Game Council of NSW. This followed a scathing independent report that identified the agency was a risk.

These changes need to be reflected in the Game and Feral Animal Control Act which will require a Game and Feral Animal Control Act Ammendment Bill 2013 to be approved in the Upper House.

Sign this letter to decision makers in NSW Government and help us keep our public lands safe.

Thanks for your support.

To say No to recreational hunting on Public Land

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  • Dear Premier,
  • Dear Minister,
  • Dear Mr J. Robertson,

I write to express my appreciation of the NSW Government’s response to community opposition to amateur, recreational hunting in NSW National Parks.

I welcome the announcement on 4 July 2013 that controls and management of introduced animals in national parks is back in the hands of the professionals, the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

I ask that you ensure the same controls and management practices developed for our National Parks are adopted for all public land in NSW to ensure public safety and real measurable impacts in reducing introduced animal populations.

I applaud the NSW Government’s decision to disband the Game Council.

I ask you to support a Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2013 that reflects the recent changes in full. This is critical for restoring community trust that the NSW Government is committed to keeping our national parks free from unsupervised, amateur hunters.

I would also expect to see:

  • A transfer of the funds dedicated to the Game Council for its involvement in controlling introduced animal, to the National Parks and Wildlife Service.
  • Continued investment in funds dedicated to NSW Police for cracking down on illegal hunting activity.
  • An active research and development program that investigates more humane ways of killing introduced animals when it is deemed necessary.
  • Continued investment in integrated, professional, pest animal control programs that are progressive and are informed by the best available science.
  • That the new program not become the catalyst for more job cuts and the introduction of an unnecessarily high level of volunteers needing to be managed by our National Parks and Wildlife Service staff.
  • Declare deer as a pest species under the Rural Lands Protection Act, remove its status as a game animal in the Game and Feral Animal Control Act, and repeal the Deer Act (especially the provision that prevents the use of the full range of control measures, eg baiting).
  • Remove impediments to landholder control of deer on private lands that is constrained by the Game and Feral Animal Control Act.
  • Remove the classification of a selection of native birds as 'game'.

Yours sincerely,

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