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The Hon. B.R. O'Farrell M.P.
Premier (Liberal Party)
GPO Box 5341
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The Hon. R.M. Parker M.P.
Minister for the Environment (Liberal Party)
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Mr J. Robertson M.P.
Leader of the Opposition (Australian Labor Party)
Parliament House
Macquarie Street
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Attn: Game and Feral RIS Submissions
Invasive Species
Department of Primary Industries
Locked Bag 21
Orange NSW 2800
(OR gameandferalanimal.regulation@dpi.nsw.gov.au)

I am writing to express my dismay that the Premier has broken his promise, and is going to allow hunting in our National Parks. I am strongly opposed to recreational hunting in any National Parks, Nature Reserves and State Conservation Areas.

The iconic NSW National Park system is too important to compromise for the sake of expediting electricity privatisation.

Recreational hunters represent a safety risk to park staff and visitors to our National Parks, State Conservation Areas and Nature Reserves, and are no part of a conservation management solution.

I am concerned that not all amateur hunters will be trained or skilled enough to ensure that feral animals are humanely culled.

Reducing feral animals in our parks must be carried out by professionals in a systematic and evidence based way.

I do not believe there is sufficient credible evidence that recreational shooting is safe for the public, will control animal populations and will not compromise animal welfare. There is evidence that recreational hunting is not cost effective and will actually undermine the existing professional feral animal control programs. Even our government codes of practice specify that ground shooting is ineffective to control most feral animals.

I am concerned that permits will be issued by the Game Council of NSW, a hunter dominated body representing recreational interests. This body was not established to deliver credible and evidence-based control programs.

Recreational hunting has no role to play in our National Parks and I implore you not to proceed with this threat to our natural heritage.

Yours sincerely,

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