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Widow's despair
SMH Article: "Widow's despair over park shooting" 16 June 2013

In a compelling article, the wife of a man fatally shot while hunting in a national park speaks out.

''One minute you have a husband and then he is taken away from you through someone's careless action,'' Ros Hill

Read the full article: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/widows-despair-over-park-shooting-20130615-2oayk.html#ixzz2WLtJR1WP

Robert Borsak
ABC Four Corners interview: "The Hunting Party" 10 June 2013

In this interview, Roberts Borsak, MLC for the NSW Shooters and Fishers Party stated in relation to the war over gun control since the Port Arthur massacre, people are starting to "get over it".

Also, "I think in certain context semi-automatics are useful. In the right hands in the right way they are not a danger to anybody," Watch the full interview: http://bit.ly/16gWuno

Opinion Piece: "National parks need protection" 6 June 2013

Prestigious fashion designer, artist and public figure Prue Acton, writes about the weakening of environmental protection for our national parks. Prue was warded OBE (Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) in 1982.

View the article online: http://nohunting.wildwalks.com/node/422

Opinion Piece: "Unloading on duck hunters" 13 May 2013

TV personality and public commentator Wendy Harmer writes about a horrific event in Victoria and the NSW Premier's "harebrained plan to introduce hunting into National Parks".

View the article online: http://thehoopla.com.au/unloading-duck-hunters/

Questions in Parliament: "Hunting in national parks: dangerous, unscientific & unpopular" 3rd May 2013

Greens MP, Jamie Parker questioned the NSW Premier in Parliament about the government’s plan to allow amateur shooters into national parks, saying it was time for the government to finally dump the dangerous policy.

Read the comments and view part of the discussion online:

Statement: "No hunting in national parks" 18 April 2013

Successful novelist, journalist and model, Tara Moss, has been vocal about her opposition to recreational hunting in national parks and provides a statement for the 3,000+ people who attended the Sydney rally, 18th April 2013.

Read the statement here: http://nohunting.wildwalks.com/node/373

Speech: "No hunting in national parks" 18 April 2013

Former ALP Minister for the Environment and Attorney General Bob Debus, is a highly respected political commentator. Bob delivered this speech to over 3,000 people who marches from Hyde Park to NSW Parliament House, Sydney. The march was lead by children who symbolise the future we fight to protect.

Click here to download the speech

Opinion Piece: "Raiders of our unprotected parks" 9 February 2013

Writer, feminist, TV personality and public commentator Germain Greer writes about the real purpose of national parks - conservation in a compelling opinion piece printed 9 Feb 2013 in the Sydney Morning Herald.

View the article online: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/raiders-of-our-unprotected-parks-20130207-2dzet.html

"Keep guns out of our national parks" 27 December 2012

Tara Moss pleads to the NSW Premier, Barry O'Farrell to please keep guns out of our national parks. This online opinion piece is written from the perspective of a mother who seeks to keep national parks safe places for people to enjoy.

Read the opinion piece here: http://taramoss.com/dear-barry-ofarrell-please-keep-guns-out-of-our-national-parks/

Opinion piece: "Hunting in national parks" 28 August 2012

This opinion piece by Robert Debus, Labor Minister of Environment 1999/2007, Attorney General 2000/2007, was published in the Sydney Morning Herald 28th August 2012. Bob helped to establish a host of national parks during his time as Minister of Environment.

Read the opinion piece here: http://nohunting.wildwalks.com/node/117

Speech: "Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill" 26 August 2012

Ian Brown, OAM is the Director of Epacris Environmental Consultants. Ian has worked in environmental management for nearly 30 years. He spent two decades with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service as a ranger and field manager.

Ian brown delivered his speech at the 2012 Outdoor Industry Conference in Sydney. Click here to download the speech